CPS Express, Inc. and Coast 3PL combine to provide a comprehensive solution for ALL of your transportation needs!


CPS Express, Inc. and Coast 3PL are independently owned and operated business units within the JG Haddy Sales group of companies. While CPS Express, Inc. hires company Drivers only and utilizes CPS owned and operated equipment, Coast 3PL allows us to expand those service offerings to include transportation and warehouse services throughout all of North America.


We allow companies to focus on their core competences’ while we focus on managing your freight costs down! Our dedicated team is highly trained to search out and implement real freight cost saving solutions for our clients.  Please give them at call (951) 685-1041 x 109

"Driver shortages", "Port congestion", "Insurance", "AB5 Rules", "Driver Safety and Compliance", "Hours of Service Rules", "Department of Transportation", "Highway Safety Administration", "Carb Compliance" Etc.


The overwhelming and somewhat daunting task of trying to get the job done while also making sure you're doing it the right way, can sometimes seem like an impossible task! CPS Express, Inc. and Coast 3PL are here to help. We offer both asset and non-asset based services and we operate them independent of each other to offer you the widest and most comprehensive set of solutions available. 


CPS Express, Inc. works with the largest and most experienced legal team in the transportation today and we make sure we keep you and your company safe. 

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